St. Joseph Catholic School offers a school lunch program.   The students in the PreK(3) class are dismissed without lunch.  The program is not mandatory and is offered as a convenience to families.  Hot lunches are provided to the school from Sisters Cupboard at St. Mary’s Hospital.  Families and students abide by these guidelines.

  • A single student lunch with milk costs $3.25; $32.50 for 10 lunches or $65.00 for 20 lunches.
  • It is important to make sure that your child KNOWS each day whether he/she is to order a hot lunch, so that no student goes hungry nor food goes wasted.  A student will be charged for an ordered hot lunch even if he/she does not eat it.
  • Students bringing a cold lunch are not allowed to use a microwave oven or any other means to heat their food.
  • If your child is going to be tardy but will need a hot lunch, please call the school no later than 9:00am to order lunch.                                     If no call is received by 9:00am, then he/she will have to bring a cold lunch.
  • Students may not bring carbonated beverages with hot or cold lunches.  Juice or other drinks may be brought from home or milk can be purchased: $6.00 for 10 milks or $12.00 for 20 milks.
  • Parents/Guardians may join their children for lunch by calling the school and ordering a hot lunch no later than 9:00am.  Parents are discouraged from bringing lunches from carry-out restaurants.  Parents are not allowed to take groups of students out to eat during school day.
  • Each student is limited to a maximum of two charges on his/her school lunch account.  Students who have two charges will be served a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or similar for lunch until the charges are paid.  The school office will notify parents when charges begin to accrue.


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