Greetings!  My name is Mr. Wade Laffey, and this is my eleventh year as Principal at St. Joseph Catholic School.  This is my seventeenth year as a Catholic educator: in the past I have taught students from kindergarten through senior year in high school in both Oklahoma City and Omaha, Nebraska.  I have taught science, computers, religion, language arts, physical education, and math.  I did not attend Catholic school in my youth, but, from my first day teaching in a Catholic school, I was instantly convinced of its efficacy and ability to magnify and transform all the subject areas taught in the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  As a result of my happy and positive experiences teaching in Catholic school, I rerouted my career direction and have dedicated myself to sustaining and strengthening Catholic schools.  I have not yet been disappointed in my choice of vocation.

Catholic schools work, and yet there are many challenges that Catholic schools face.  What attracted me to St. Joseph Catholic School in Enid was a desire to contribute to the re-establishment of a Catholic school in the Enid area.  What is being done here in Enid completely bucks the national trends, and I believe it is due to the action of the Holy Spirit working in our teachers, staff, families, and benefactors to resurrect this Catholic school and bring it to new heights.  Working together, the St. Joseph Family has accomplished much that was previously thought impossible even by our benefactors.  This is evidenced by the fact that we are experiencing a record enrollment this year at St. Joseph Catholic School.

It is an honor to serve this community as a Catholic school educator.  I enjoy travelling, reading, teaching, cooking, sports, and singing.  I'm pretty competitive in sports and games (though not always victorious).  I have a serious, incurable obsession with a little Catholic school in South Bend, Indiana called the University of Notre Dame and with its varsity football team.