St. Joseph Catholic School strives to teach everyone to know, love, and serve God through spiritual development, academic pursuits, and community service.





We at St. Joseph Catholic School believe in Catholic education which develops a Christian attitude for the total person. We believe that the purpose of education is the development of the whole person, mind, body, and soul. In the achievement of this goal, we see parents as the primary educators of the children with the teachers as their collaborators. We believe in providing opportunities for a variety of experiences thereby developing in each student a better understanding of the Catholic community and an awareness of one's commitment of God, neighbor, and self.

  1. Incorporate Catholic Social Teachings through classroom projects, emphasizing a different social teaching each month.
  2. Increase the presence and identity of St. Joseph Catholic School among the parishes by sponsoring one Sunday Mass per semester.
  3. Prioritize funds to upgrade and replace outmoded technology.
  4. Continue working with the University of Notre Dame to strengthen curriculum, instruction, and assessment in our lesson plans and curriculum maps.
  5. Achieve maximum participation and cooperation among the families, teachers, and parishioners to raise the funds that are essential for the continued operation of St. Joseph Catholic School through the major fundraisers, SCRIP program, and other projects throughout the school year.