Deacon Tony Crispo is the wonderful religion teacher here at St Josephs Catholic School, and let me introduce him now. He was born in Brooklyn, New York and he graduated from NOSU in Alva, OK. He married his wife Barbara 42 years ago and their anniversary is in November. They have two children, Tony and Angela. Deacon Tony enjoys gardening, working out and reading historical novels in his free time. He has been teaching for 42 years, and 37 of those were spent teaching in public school before he retired and moved to teach at St Joes. He says that he always wanted to teach, because he enjoys sharing his knowledge, and now his faith, with the younger generations. His favorite memory of his time here at St Joes is seeing the first graders read at Mass for the first time. When asked what his favorite tradition at our school was, he replied that there are so many at different times of the year, that they are all his favorites. And his favorite part of each day is ... ALL day!

Thank you for ALL you do, Deacon Tony!!!